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Using Our API

The TextWise API was designed to let developers leverage the power of both our core technology, Semantic Gist®, and it's predecessor technology, Trainable Semantic Vectors (TSV). This simple API allows anyone to extract detailed Semantic key concepts from a document of any size. The technology is hosted remotely on the TextWise Semantic Cloud. This cloud based service eases the burden on your computing network while providing access to power of our semantic technology.

The TextWise API provides access to the same three Semantic Gist® services that are embedded into our proprietary enterprise solutions:

  • Categorization
  • Concept tagging

Clever Categorization

The TextWise API category service call analyzes any input text or URL and returns a set of relevant topic categories as a weighted list. The TextWise Categorization service uses a specific set of signals within the provided content to identify the most important topics. This list can be changed to focus on either top-level or more-specific category tags.

Learn more about the Category service available through the API.

Concept Tags
The TextWise API concept service call generates machine readable and displayable tags for easier content and resource navigation. Each tag is accompanied by a weight that describes the relevance of that term to the content, so you can see at a glance what a given document is focused on. Concept tags are generated by obtaining a list of words that appear in both the semantic dictionary and the content text for the highest weighted semantic dimensions of the text.

Learn more about the Concept Tagging service available through the API.

Try our demo to learn more about how Semantic Gist® is used for similarity search, categorization and concept tagging.